Monday, July 23, 2012

Seattle's Pan Pacific Hotel

This last weekend was me & Hub's 10th Anniversary.  So to celebrate, we went to Seattle to visit the EMP, the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, and to experience some amazing glass in Tacoma at the Museum of Glass.

There is WAY too much to say about the amazing time we had to put into one blog entry, so I'm going to break it into three parts:  the hotel & the EMP, King Tut, and the Museum of Glass & Dale Chihuly.

The Pan Pacific

We arrived several hours before our scheduled check-in time at the hotel, but made arrangements to make use of their parking facilities ahead of time so we planned to park and do some sight seeing before checking in.  But the kind people at the front desk were able to go ahead and check us in early!  When we got to our room, we discovered that although we had reserved a queen room w/ no view, we had been given a king room w/ a view that was TO DIE FOR!!!

 The rest of the room was pretty amazing too!

 And the view from the other window wasn't too shabby.

 After oogling over our good luck, and thanking the front desk people profusely we went out to do some sight seeing at the EMP (Experience Music Project).  It's also a museum of all things pop culture & science fiction, which was the main attraction for nerds like us.  They are currently hosting a really great Avatar exhibit, complete with props from the movie and large scale models that the artists used to make the CGI, which was awesome to see.  There was also a fun exhibit with the Icons of Sci-Fi.  And much to my excitement, I was able to get my picture taken with a Dalek!

 In the gift shop I picked a up a fun new R2D2 silicone mold, so I'm sure I'll be offering R2D2 soaps in the near future!  I asked the lady at the counter if they had TARDIS molds, and she said, "If it exists, we have it, but we don't have it."  So I asked, "Do you have anything TARDIS shaped that I might be able to make into a mold?"  And she said, "Yes!"  And then she got excited when I told her that I was planning to make soap out of it, so I might even have a new customer! lol

After the EMP we went to dinner & the King Tut exhibit, and then we came back to our room to find this!  We had mentioned at the front desk that it was our anniversary when we checked in, but we hadn't ordered anything special for it, so this was a complete surprise!  Again, the people at the Pan Pacific treated us like royalty!  We'll definitely stay there again!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. Can't wait to see the R2D2 and TARDIS soaps! And happy anniversary to you and your hubby!