Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bath Bomb Cupcakes!

I've been talking about making these for months now.  My first few batches were total failures, but I finally think I have it down and can produce something that's worthy to sell!  Actually, they're more than just worthy, they're quite possibly the most adorable thing I've made to date.  But, you be the judge!

I've figured out two packaging options.  The bag option will be used for out of town customers, I think it will fit better in my shipping boxes.

And then I have this boxed option that I'll use for local customers and craft fairs.

The cupcakes I have in stock are scented with lemon and blackberry oil, but they can be made to order in whatever fragrance or color you like.

They're newly listed on my Etsy Shop as of today!  And since I have that Christmas in July sale going this week they're currently 10% off!  So now's the time to give them a try!  


  1. Cute cupcake bath bombs, Amy! They look good enough to eat. The packaging is adorable, too.