Friday, June 1, 2012

Soap Crayons!

I've wanted to make soap crayons for quite a long time.  I knew my girls would love them, and I knew they'd be a big hit for a lot of other kiddos out there too!  I finally got around to making some during my last Soaping Day, so here they are!

They come in a 4-pack, although not every pack contains blue.  I didn't make enough of those this time around.  Oops!  Next time I make them there will be one of each color for sure!  :)

These crayons are now live on my Etsy store! 


  1. Love these! My son would go crazy for these. Adding them to my neverending To Do list. Stooped by from SITS!

  2. OOh love these! :-)

    Stopped by through SITS.


  3. I love all the vibrant colors! I'm here from SITS - have a happy weekend!

  4. These are adorable, I love them!

    1. Thanks, Anne-Marie! Coming from you that means a lot! I used your lab colors, and it really makes them stand out! :)