Sunday, May 27, 2012

Introducing the Variety Pack!

Decisive has never been a word used to describe me. 

Flexible?  Yes.  Agreeable?  Yes.  Variety lover?  Yes. 

Decisive?  No.

Which is why I decided to offer a Variety Pack of my most popular glycerine soaps!

They include 5 crowd pleasing unique soaps:  Lemon Bar, Lavender Bliss, Lemongrass, Dock of the Bay & Cafe Latte.  All for the great price of $22.00 + shipping ($5.15 within continental US). 

You'll save money on shipping with this Pack, due to the fact that they all fit nicely into a small flat rate shipping box with no extra wasted space inside.

So pop on over to the Etsy store and check out the Variety Pack today!

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