Thursday, April 26, 2012

The following soaps are currently in stock at Sunbreak Soaps!

The Lemon Bar: So sweet you'll want to eat it, but please don't! Made with pure Lemon Essential Oil in the yellow section, and rich moisturizing shea butter in the white section, it's sure to wake you up with a smile in the morning. $3.00/bar

Cafe Latte:  A blend of coffee and vanilla fragrances with the added bonus of coffee grounds which act as a gentle exfoliant. An excellent hand soap for the kitchen, coffee has been known to eliminate strong odors such as onions or garlic. $4.50/bar

Peppy Mint:  Made with pure peppermint essential oil and nourishing shea butter. This would be a great soap to wake you up in the morning or rejuvenate before a night out. $4.00/bar

Lemongrass:  This soap is made with a hint of bergamot oil, shea butter and a sprinkling of dried lemongrass which acts as a mild exfoliant. The smell of this one makes me say aaaahhhh... $3.00/bar

Simply Lavender:  Do you love lavender? So do I! Simply Lavender is just that. Made with dried herbs and lavender essential oil it's a sudsy relaxing treat! $3.00/bar

Vanilla Brown Sugar:  Made with, you guessed it, brown sugar and vanilla fragrance oil! It's a very simple soap with a sweet scent. $3.00/bar

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